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We provide the finest training, mentoring and consulting services to people and organizations interested in managing for healthy land, strong families, prosperity and sustainability. Our services and products are based on real-life experiences, including our own, of what works to plan and manage for sustainability.

We work with you to develop your own strategy for achieving best possible outcomes by placing quality of life and your desire to be sustainable on equal footing with the need to be financially sound.

 We have been teaching and mentoring practitioners of Holistic Management since 1995. Explore this website and contact us for a free consultation. Discover how putting Holistic Management into practice will help you achieve sustainable solutions on your farm or ranch, or in your business and personal lifestyle.

Your Needs Come First

Whole New Concepts LLC brings into play customized holistic management training programs, learning design, facilitative techniques, program development and process consulting with a broad-base of knowledge, experience and technical expertise aimed at:

  • Developing your capacity to see the big picture, respond to change and become sustainable.

  • Improving your skills in four key areas of decision-making and management: people, money, land, and community.

  • Identifying strategies and designing practical solutions based on your specific needs.

  • Establishing long-term plans and strategies for sustainability

  • Creating immediate benefits and results through improved decision making and management.

Behind every result is a decision.

The choices you make each day are crucial to creating the kind of life and future you desire to have.  Sound decision-making, innovation and adaptability are at the core of success in today's changing world.  Sustainability challenges us to consider the social, economic, and ecological aspects of each action we take.  The Holistic Management Framework, embodies a set of decision-making tools, planning guides and monitoring and procedures that help you achieve sustainable solutions in a practical and consistent manner.

Holistic Management will help improve
your ability to

  • Achieve results that consistently generate positive rewards for you and are also good for the land, your family & your community.

  • Develop excellence in planning, management, and operation of family farm and ranch enterprises and small businesses.

  • Enhance the biological diversity and productivity of your land.

  • Support family based agriculture, local food, beginning farmers and family businesses in your community.

  • Discover lasting solutions by going to the root cause of problems and learning how to manage for a triple bottom line.

  • Advance stewardship of your community values, culture, local economies, land use, food systems and natural resources.

  • Become engaged in generating real wealth, creating vibrant landscapes and a rewarding lifestyle that are sustainable.

  • Manage for a triple bottom line that accounts for social, economic and biological wealth.

  • Place quality of life and your capacity to be sustainable on equal footing with the need to be profitable and financially sound.

How we work

Acknowledging you as an expert in your situation, we develop a common sense approach that works for you.

We understand how busy life and business can be in these challenging times.  This is why we make our services flexible and convenient. We work in-person, over the telephone and via the internet. Many of our courses and programs are offered as distance learning as well as in-person. We also offer facilitation, consulting and technical services.

With our hands-on, client centered approach you will experience practical solutions and realize immediate benefits from our services. The services and programs we offer are adapted or customized to address your specific needs and concerns.

Your next steps

Please browse this website for more details.  Contact us today for a free consultation about how our programs may benefit you, to obtain more information, or to provide us with a request for proposal. 

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What People Have to Say

"We stayed in within our Holistic Financial Plan and increased our income in a year when many dairies were having trouble staying in business."
Jonathan K, Organic Dairyman, New York

“I have finished the first Module and I want to congratulate you on being such a great teacher. The way you have set up the workbook is very helpful to my style of learning, in-depth and applied. The short information sketches are wonderfully developed by the personal application questions. Thank you!” 
Vicki W., Rancher, Oregon

"Cindy, you are a gifted facilitator."  Rigoberto Delgado, Heifer International

Holistic Management SpeakerCindy Dvergsten is a Holistic Management Certified Educator.  A student of Allan Savory, she has been practicing and teaching holistic management since 1995. She offers a life time of experience in farming and has operated Arriola Sunshine farm since 1986. She holds a degree in Natural Resource Management and has 30 years professional experience in land management, agriculture and business.


   Stewardship is the greatest gift we can give ourselves & the future! 

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We offer excellent individual and group training via the telepehone with very reasonable fees.

Dreams are meant to be lived - not kept
on a shelf.

Holistic Farming

Family farms and ranches play a critical role in creating secure food systems, stable communities and strong economies.

Who We Work With

Our primary clients are family based farms and ranches, their communities and their organizations.

We work with dairy farms, cattle ranching, diversified farms, market gardening, new farmers, ranch managers and new landowners. We help people interested in sustainable agriculture, restoring land health and productivity, shifting to grass-based production, direct marketing, developing value added products, starting new enterprises, rare-breed conservation, and creating healthy lifestyles.

We also support our clients with training and facilitation services to improve leadership and organization skills, natural resource and land use policy development, cooperative relationships, promote local food systems, and enhance value-based decision making. 

Our Programs

Holistic Management Courses

This includes training in Holistic Decision Making, Financial Planning, Grazing Planning, Land Planning, and Biological Monitoring.  Available as distance learning or in-person. Ideal for beginning and experienced farmers, small businesses, family lifestyles, ranchers and land managers.

Completing The
Feedback Loop

We provide process consulting in hole-systems decision making for leaders, managers and policy-makers who desire to be socially, economically and environmentally sound
in their approach. Ideal for organizations, community groups and agencies. Process consulting may involve a mix of training, research, development, facilitation and technical services

Our Approach

We see sustainability as not an option, but a necessity for family farms to remain a viable part of our economy and society. A holistic approach puts quality of life, healthy land and financial well-being on equal footing.

No gimmicks. We respect you as being the expert in your unique situation. We help you focus on finding common sense ways to achieve your best possible outcomes.

Our services and products are based on real-life experiences, including our own, of what works to plan and manage for wealth and sustainability.

Hands-on, customized learning means you apply what you learn as you learn it. This is the most effective way for busy adults to incorporate the benefits of education into their lives and businesses.

Your success is ours. We offer follow up and other resources to help you continue to put whole farm and ranch planning and management strategies into practice.

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